How to perfect your music with ?

Practice makes perfect. We have all heard that. But I would like to add that “perfect practice leads to perfection’. What does this mean? At this age, with fierce competition, one has no time to waste, we should learn in the right direction and with the right tools. Music in itself is a special art that needs time, effort, determination and focus. The first step is obviously to have a mentor or a teacher for direction and constant motivation but what will demark yourself from others is what you will do extra for your passion.

With the coming of technology, it is no wonder that we are living in an era of abundant knowledge, everything can be learned through the internet. This can be a good starting point, however, platforms like YouTube offering tutorials does not provide for a proper direction. This is where apps came into existence that are personalized according to your level, and tracking your progress

Throughout this article we will discuss ways you can lead yourself into perfection through a musical App. Find below some steps to follow:

  • Some apps provide you with worksheets with which you can learn easily.
  • If you are a singer, you should try to sing along to a song for a start. This technique is used as a first step to build confidence. At this stage you should not be worried about the rhythm or singing in tune.

Try to find a place where you feel safe and start practicing

Some apps allow you to record your music, so you can listen to you and track areas of improvement. You can still find your recordings in the database and track your gradual progress. This will allow you to set personal goals and see the improvement over time.

Also, when learning music, you should have an ear to listen to the sounds, beats, speeds, tone and rhythm. A technique used by professionals but which required years of practice.

If you have various areas of improvements to make, tackle each area one by one. This will allow you to be less stressful and focus in the right direction.

It is important to have a strong rhythmic foundation. You can do so by looking for some compositions you are at ease with. An understanding of music foundations and techniques are crucial for regularizing your rhythmic pattern.

Understand that each music has its own tempo.  It is normal to have some difficulties with catching up with a song. You can still slow down the tempo and learn gradually. And increase it when you feel at ease with it. Another technique is to count your beats. The key to success is to move surely and stay focused.

If you are already at a higher level, why not try improvising. This is a powerful skill to be able to create a new sound or tune on the spot. It required various levels of practice and also creativity. Make people around you or professionals listen to your composition and be humble to critics. As this will help you to move to another level.

Metronaut App

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